Effio is a Dutch gentlemen’s fashion brand founded in 2007. We specialise in making high-quality socks. Our collections are sophisticated, stylish and are made with an eye for detail. Because at Effio we believe that life is about details that make the distinction between the usual and sophisticated. We are proud to produce our socks in Italy with the family Bertoletti’s craftsmanship. Dutch design, Made in Italy!


With every pair of Effio’s, we have a story to tell. The story originates from extraordinary reflections of the ordinary. These reflections result in design socks with which we distinguish ourselves aesthetically and ethically from mediocrity and uniformity. We convert our reflections into well thought-out combinations of colours, graphic patterns and material compositions. In the design process, we collaborate with our Dutch designers and our Italian friends. That is why Effio means ‘Dutch design and Italian production’. We are serious about the sock: you stand on it. You will understand that we gladly underline the words of super dandy Oscar Wilde:

‘Socks play an incredibly important role in a man’s life!’


Effio appreciates distinguished and self-willed men. Men who want to continuously differentiate themselves from the masses with taste and substance. Men who cultivate their own speciality and always keep surprising with something new. Well-thought through and self-willed. We appreciate men who approach life with the philosophy of dandyism; with deep earnestness and healthy mock. These men are the dandies of the 21th century. The real dandy does not stand out in any way except for his own style.