Effio Warming Stripes Socks

Socks that show global warming at a glance.

The Warming Stripes Socks make global warming visible at a glance. The series includes several color schemes that refer to global warming, rainfall patterns, soil life, biodiversity and CO2 emissions. The stripe pattern is based on the color codes of climate scientist Ed Hawkins: #ShowYourStripes! Effio brings the Warming Stripes not only because the color codes are visually beautiful (stylish!), but also to contribute to the awareness of climate change.


Color codes from climate scientist Ed Hawkins

Ed Hawkins came up with the brilliant idea of color-coding the average temperature for all the years from 1850 onwards. He used strong communicative colors: blue for cool years and red for warm years. He uses stripes where each dash represents one year, from the start of the measurements until now. In this way we can see at once how the temperature on earth is developing. On the website showyourstripes.info you can find the climate barcodes of Ed Hawkins.

ENG-warming-stripes-jaartemperaturen NL

The relationship between the colors from blue to red and the average annual temperature in the Netherlands has been clarified by Karin van der Wiel of the KNMI. You can see the color codes used on the color bar below the graph. The coldest year was 1963 with an average annual temperature of 7.8 degrees Celsius: deep blue. The hottest year was 2014 with 11.7 degrees Celsius: deep red.

Were you born after 1988? Then warm weather is very common and the Elfstedentocht in 1997 was an “extremely cold year” for you. But historically, 1997 was not extremely cold at all.

Color codes on Effio socks

Effio has made grateful use of Ed Hawkins’ color codes and translated them into a sock pattern. This created two blue-red striped socks. The Warming Stripes “Globe” shows the global temperature variations. And the Warming Stripes “Netherlands” show the temperature variations in the Netherlands. This is how your socks tell a story: the rise in temperature on Earth.


No measurements are available for the Netherlands for the period 1850-1901. That is the reason that in the design the foot in the NL version is solid. Because this is less attractive in terms of design, the worldwide measurements 1850-1901 have been included in the base of the NL sock.

More about Ed Hawkins’ “warming stripes” can be found on his weblog Climate Lab Book. You can download warming stripes for countries all over the world at showyourstripes.info.

Effio adds colorways

Effio has used Ed Hawkins’ color codes to develop new color codes as well. The new color codes provide information about climate-related issues in the Netherlands: rainfall patterns, soil life, biodiversity and CO2 emissions. We know, of course, that the relationships between these issues and temperature measurements are not one-to-one. We also know that there is a connection and that the story of the Warming Stripes speaks for itself.



Wear socks that matter! Effio likes to tell a story with her socks. Not just any stripe, check or fun design. With the Warming Stripes, Effio wants to contribute to awareness of climate change. Effio is also aware of the impact of the clothing industry (and therefore socks) on the environment and therefore tries to act as sustainable as possible. We are not into fast fashion. The Warming Stripes are made of strong and colourfast Mercerized Cotton and therefore last a very long time. All yarns are free of harmful toxins, packaging is recyclable and our socks are made in Italy.


Warming Stripes as a promotional gift

The Warming Stripes are available in the webshop. They are provided with an extra label with a brief explanation of the Warming Stripes. They are also available as a promotional gift (in 3-pack and 5-pack). Adjusted prices apply when purchasing more than 30 pairs of Warming Stripes. Please contact hello@effio.nl.


Promotional Material / Downloads

Various promotional material is available for communication purposes and to support our points of sale. Texts, videos, animations, product photography and campaign photography of the Warming Stripes are automatically downloaded via the button below.