The 'Bio Philosophy' - Organic cotton

Is about organic cotton… But it doesn’t merely come down to that! It involves a complete project of natural yarn, ethical and eco-friendly fashion. The natural yarn is made by cotton of organic origin and growth. It is dyed with procedures and products which respect environment, health and guarantee non-toxicity in contact with skin. The complete production process is monitored and certified (GOTS) with extra attentiveness towards ethic aspects. This aids in the environment and public health, becoming the philosophy of a sustainable product: from seed to clothing.


What does this specifically mean:

Organic cotton

Grown with methods that combine old and new knowledge, to reduce the impact of the agricultural activities on the environment and the health of the farmers. The seeds are non-GMO, no pesticides are used, only natural fertilizer.

Social equity

And respect of the workers' basic rights all along the production chain, recognizing correct salaries and respectable environmental conditions.

Environment respect

Thanks to the employ of optimized dyeing technologies and processes which reduce pollution and preserve the water resources.


In contact with skin to guarantee human health and reduce the risk of diseases and allergies.

Softness and wellbeing

with the awareness of a better product, ecofriendly because aiding in the sustainable development.